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1. Rescue Awaits DNA To Determine If Mangy, Emaciated Animal Is A Dog Or A Coyote
When Christina Eyth found paw prints outside her Pennsylvania home, she followed them to find an emaciated animal with terrible mange. Mange, a skin condition caused by burrowing mites, can make an infected animal look unrecognizable.  < more
11 hrs ago

2. Kitten Who Ended Up in a Yard, is Now Under the Wing of Cat Who Came From an Abandoned Building
A kitten who ended up in a yard, is now under the wing of a cat who came from an abandoned building. Luxx the kitten and Oscar the catChatons Orphelins Montral A few months ago, a family from Canada spotted an orphaned kitten meowing loudly in their yard. There was no sign of a mother cat or . . .
Love Meow  < more
13 hrs ago

3. The Film 'Finch' Explores How Dogs Help Define Humanity
Finch, staring Tom Hanks and a former rescue dog, explores the human-dog relationship.. Finch, like other science fiction stories featuring dogs, explores the human-dog relationship in part to define what it means to be human.
The Bark  < more
2 days ago