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1. Flavor impartment of mushroom on egg whites and sensory properties of egg whites with mushroom topping using quantitative descriptive analysis
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Volume 102, Issue 1, Page 73-84, 15 January 2022.
Journ Sci of Food and Agriculture  < more
15 mins ago

2. Variation in Boron Availability Alters Root Architecture Attributes at the Onset of Storage Root Formation in Three Sweetpotato Cultivars
Journal Name: HortScienceVolume: 56Issue: 11Pages: 1423-1429
Hort Science  < more
5 hrs ago

3. The 15 Best Chicken Waterers for Farms
Let's be honest here, if you clicked on this link then you already know what you're looking for and chances are you're just looking to...
AgronoMag  < more
11 hrs ago