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1. Are you passionate about journalism? Job ads and hiring editors sure want you to be
Are you passionate about journalism? Is it all you think about, day and night? Is there no greater rush than hitting publish on a big scoop? Is telling true stories about your fellow humans an obsession for you, a mission, your raison dtre? I bet a decent number of people reading this would say . . .
Nieman Journalism Lab  < more
14 hrs ago

2. Video showing Joe Biden compare MLK assassination to George Floyd death needs context
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a video of President Joe Biden began to circulate online in which he said, Even Dr. King's assassination did not have the worldwide impact .
Poynter Inst  < more
16 hrs ago

3. As a white manager, how do I build trust and be a good ally to my colleagues of color?
Our first DEI Coalition public resource and how we turned private community conversations into a shared resource.
Reynolds Journalism Institute  < more
20 hrs ago