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1. 10 Fascinating Facts about Pufferfish!
They are the most poisonous fish in the sea, masters of self-defence, baby pufferfish are cannibals, dolphins use them to get high...
Scuba Travel (UK)  < more
4 hrs ago

2. Best Black Rifles for Hunting
What are the best black rifles for hunting and why it's hard to pick just one It's entirely possible to put together a nearly perfect Black rifle for hunting by finding the right AR upper receiver conversion for your existing gun. What's a bit more nuanced, however, is finding a gun that can do it . . .
Hunting Life  < more
6 hrs ago

3. Off-season with Sepp: How Sepp Kuss keeps his cycling stoke all year long
Coloradan climbing sensation explains how a little of everything in moderation keeps him raring to race and lovin' life 12 months a year. .
Velo News (racing)  < more
6 hrs ago