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Global Dev (The Guard) Opinion (The Guard)
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Texas Blackout Hearings Highlight Intertwined Risks of Natural Gas, Power Grid and Deregulated Market
The catastrophic breakdown of Texas natural gas and electricity system last week lacks a single villain to blame for it all. Instead, the widespread constraints in natural-gas supply and the shutdown of core power plant capacity that left millions without power can be chalked up to cascading . . .
276 days ago

Highland Electric Raises $235M, Lands Biggest Electric School Bus Contract in the US
Electric school buses dont just eliminate the carbon and pollution emissions of their diesel-fueled counterparts; they also cost less to fuel and maintain over the long haul. . Unfortunately for cash-strapped school districts, the upfront cost to purchase an electric school bus is still more tha . . .
277 days ago

New 2.5B Green Hydrogen Steel Venture Unveiled
A new "green steel" venture in Sweden has been launched with bold plans to start production as early as 2024. . The H2 Green Steel initiative will then scale up to 5 million tons per year of green steel production.
278 days ago