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Science & Env. (BBC) Yale Environment 360
Science & Env. (BBC) Yale Environment 360
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The Environment (NYT) 3 items
This Fire-Loving Fungus Eats Charcoal, if It Must
Some fungi sprout in fiery shades of orange and pink after wildfires, feasting on what was left behind by the burn.
21 hrs ago

Iran Clamps Down on Protests Against Growing Water Shortages
The crackdown came after the protests spilled over to at least one other city and a major protest on Friday loomed. Weather experts say 97 percent of the country is dealing with water scarcity issues.
2 days ago

Will Germany's 'Debt Brake' Stop Its Green Ambitions?
The new government has big plans to modernize the economy and switch to renewable energy. But the question remains how it will pay for it.
4 days ago