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Child Psychology Blog Common Sense Media Blog
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COVID hit 13 members of their family the first time. A year later it struck again
The second time Vanessa Quintero's family caught the virus, probably from her 8-year-old daughter, fewer people got sick. They and their doctors credit the protection of vaccination.
2 days ago

COVID precautions keep students out of school, even if they just have the sniffles
Scott Simon speaks with Hedy Chang, founder and executive director of the non-profit Attendance Works, about absenteeism in schools during the pandemic.
9 days ago

Research sheds light on what's killing young people, especially boys and young men
Globally, boys and young men made up two-thirds of all deaths among young people in 2019. A recent report finds that many such deaths in this "neglected" age group are preventable.
10 days ago