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AERA - Recent Articles Diverse Issues in Higher Ed
AERA - Recent Articles Diverse Issues in Higher Ed
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College Life (Huffington) 3 items
College Student Dies, Fraternity Suspended After Alleged Hazing
Stone Foltz, a 20-year-old business major at Bowling Green State University, died after an incident involving alcohol, his family's attorney said.
266 days ago

I Didn't Realize Just How Draining Campus Racism Was Until My College Went Online
I couldn't just come to class. I had to be subjected to racist rhetoric that was very rarely addressed by professors or teaching assistants, particularly by non-Black professors and TAs.
278 days ago

I Came Home From College For Break And Gave My Dad COVID-19
My experience is a stark reminder of the consequences of the choices we are making during this time.
287 days ago