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#630 Dominican Rep {The Guard}(Caribbean News) 3 items

US warns its 'darker-skinned' citizens of Dominican Republic's migrant crackdown
Haitian migrants are being deported from Caribbean country and authorities seem to be targeting people based on their appearance US officials in the Dominican Republic are warning darker-skinned Americans they are at risk of being swept up in the country's crackdown on Haitian migrants. The . . .
39 days ago

Boris Johnson is back from his three post-resignation holidays
Former prime minister said to be flying to UK from Caribbean, after trips to Slovenia and GreeceTory leadership contest - latest updates. If Boris Johnson is about to make a fresh campaign for 10 Downing Street, he should certainly be refreshed. Since he resigned as prime minister in early July, h . . .
71 days ago

Hurricane Fiona batters Turks and Caicos as Puerto Rico fights flooding
British island territory imposes curfew and urges people to flee flood-risk areas after Category 3 storm lashes Dominican Republic Hurricane Fiona has blasted the Turks and Caicos Islands as a Category 3 storm after cutting a path of devastation through the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico - . . .
102 days ago

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