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Below are a few samples from the source, Argentina (The Guard).
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No school, no hair cut: one girl's journey through one of the world's longest Covid lockdowns
Antonella Bordon's hair was her family's pride and joy. But as the pandemic kept her out of school for 18 months, the 12-year-old Argentinian vowed to lop it all off as soon as she could return to class When she finally cut her hair, Antonella Bordon had trouble sleeping. At the age of 12, her . . .
9 days ago

Argentina's far right and far left make big gains in congressional elections
Ruling Peronist party lost majority as Javier Milei turned notoriety into votes and a Trotskyist party got third largest vote share Argentina's political system is braced for an earthquake after parties on the extreme left and right made big gains in weekend midterm congressional elections, puttin . . .
14 days ago

Activists demand sexual violence against Argentina's indigenous people be classified a hate crime
The attacks are common in northern Argentina against women and children - including one victim who was just four years old Ana* was on her way home from school with her young cousin when it happened. She managed to run away, but I didn't, she said, her voice trembling. They put me in a car.
256 days ago