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Colombia (The Guard) Donegal Daily
Colombia (The Guard) Donegal Daily
Below are a few samples from the source, Cuba (The Guard).
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On show at last: the myths and mysteries of Belkis Ayn, a giant of Cuban art
The short but brilliant career of the printmaker is explored at her first European retrospective in Madrid, 22 years after she died Their creator is long gone, but Belkis Ayn's figures live on in syncretic shadow and silhouette, forever slipping between realms and roles, borders and beliefs. Over . . .
9 days ago

Cuba democracy protests thwarted after rallies banned and leaders arrested
Authorities act swiftly to snuff out dissent after being caught off guard by demonstrations for change in July Cuban authorities have snuffed out protests planned by activists to call for nationwide demonstrations for democracy and more freedom of expression. After being caught off guard by . . .
13 days ago

Cuba braces for unrest as playwright turned activist rallies protesters
The Communist party has banned the planned string of pro-democracy marches, saying they are an overthrow attempt The Cuban playwright Yunior Garca has shot to fame over the past year, but not because of his art. The 39-year old has become the face of Archipelago, a largely online opposition group . . .
17 days ago