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Art & Design (NYT) Art Exhibitions
Art & Design (NYT) Art Exhibitions
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Virgil Abloh - a life in pictures
The celebrated designer has died at the age of 41. We take a look at his creativity for the catwalk and beyond Continue reading..
12 hrs ago

Tate exhibition to explore gallery's links to Caribbean slave trade
Curator of Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art says institutions must take responsibility for past British institutions must take responsibility for their history of benefiting from slavery, the curator of a new landmark exhibition of Caribbean-British art at Tate Britain has said. Life . . .
16 hrs ago

Buildings this good should be available everywhere: Oxford unveils two new quads
Exeter College; St Hilda's College, OxfordFrom its big, sheltering roof to its little desk windows, Alison Brooks's new quad for Exeter College is a tour de force that puts people first, while a playful addition to St Hilda's makes the most of its riverfront setting Just after you enter the Cohen . . .
1 day ago