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Your Money (NYT) Engadget News
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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One review - a gripping interactive detective drama
PC, Xbox One/Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5; FrogwaresThe detective returns to his childhood island home to solve an elegant series of cases in this lively open-world story Developer Frogwares has been making games about the world's most famous detective for a long time now, but Sherlock Holmes . . .
3 days ago

'Mexico is ridiculously beautiful': how Forza Horizon 5 drove fresh sights into living rooms
The UK developers at Playground Games explain why they cut no corners in creating the latest Forza game, and wanted to ensure it gives players an authentic and cliche-free view of the Mexican landscape There is a moment all Forza Horizon 5 players will experience when they first venture off road . . .
3 days ago

Halo Infinite: finally, a multiplayer shooter for grownups
Fed up of getting destroyed by teenagers whenever you play online? The more tactical, slower-paced combat of Halo Infinite makes older players feel at home again About 30 minutes into playing the Halo: Infinite online beta last week, I had a shocking, almost unbelievable realisation: I am quite . . .
4 days ago