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The Guardian view on Josephine Baker: a timely addition to the Panthon | Editorial
President Macron's decision to honour a consummate black artist and civil rights activist sends an important message Above the portico columns of the Panthon in Paris, which was completed the year after the storming of the Bastille, a solemn inscription reads, To Great Men From a Grateful . . .
16 hrs ago

The power of Adele and the power of a white lie | David Mitchell
Spotify and an Australian journalist both made more headlines for one of the most influential pop stars on the planet You'd have to be chronically deficient in empathy not to feel sorry for Australian TV reporter Matt Doran. I suspect he's currently discovering quite how many people on the interne . . .
1 day ago

Sondheim reshaped musical theatre, placing it at the very heart of American culture | David Benedict
The revered lyricist and composer has died at 91, but his search for new ways to express ideas still influences wider culture today. If you've ever used the phrases everything's coming up roses or the ladies who lunch, you have Stephen Sondheim to thank. He coined them in his lyrics for Gypsy . . .
1 day ago