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Now nonprofit, The Salt Lake Tribune has achieved something rare for a local newspaper: financial sustainability
The Salt Lake Tribune has plenty to celebrate in 2021. The first (and so far only) major newspaper to become a nonprofit is financially sustainable and, after years of layoffs and cuts, is growing its newsroom. Executive editor Lauren Gustus announced the news in a note to readers in which the . . .
3 days ago

Wirecutter's union staffers will strike from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday
Saying that its been unable to reach an agreement with New York Times management, Wirecutters union announced Tuesday that, as previously threatened, union staff will strike from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, Wirecutters busiest and most profitable period of the year. The union also encourage . . .
4 days ago

Address don't sidestep health misinformation to debunk falsehoods, study finds
A common way to tackle misinformation, especially health misinformation, is to ignore it. And this is a strategy often employed by authority figures sidestep the misinformation, dont give it airtime, and it might just go away. But the results of a new study suggest that this method of combating . . .
4 days ago