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Christianity Today (biblical) Episcopal Church (Worldwide)
Christianity Today (biblical) Episcopal Church (Worldwide)
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A Chaplain's Perspective: Essay II - He leads me beside still waters
There are times when being a compassionate presence who can keep their head is all that happens within a patient visit or family encounter and that action can be a very effective chaplain encounter. At the same time, the chaplain is trained to assess and bring forth whatever has given that person . . .
13 hrs ago

When Charge! becomes Re-Charge: On Making Retreats (Part I)
When I first went on retreat at my beloved Episcopal, Benedictine monastery, Holy Cross, in West Park, New York, to find out something about the place was a chore. I actually didn't know anything about the Divine Office or monastic spirituality until I got there. Oh, they sent me a brochure.
13 hrs ago

Standing Before the Son of Man
Waking up means getting better at serving others. Waking up also means that we keep growing. Christ needs us to keep growing because he reveals himself to humanity in ever evolving ways.
20 hrs ago