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The Aviationist Dance (NYT)
The Aviationist Dance (NYT)
Below are a few samples from the source, Wired to Hunt .
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Buck Fever Can Kill You
If your knees don't knock and your pulse doesn't pound as a buck slips into range, maybe it's time you quit deer hunting. As Aldo Leopold wrote: The love of hunting is almost a physiological characteristic. I should not like to own the boy whose hair does not lift his hat when he sees his first . . .
3 days ago

Rut Fresh Report: 11/25/21
Every week this fall, I'll be providing updates on whitetail buck movement for the entire country. These reports are based on intel from whitetailers in each region and my own observations as a traveling deer hunter. For more info like this, subscribe to the Rut Fresh Radio Podcast and Whitetail . . .
4 days ago

How The Hunting Public Finds Quality Public Land Deer Hunting
Tagging a buck in country that's crawling with competition is no small feat, but Aaron Warbritton, Greg Clements, and the rest of The Hunting Public crew consistently put monsters on the ground on public ground. They don't get hung up on old-school hunting methods, and instead credit bold tactics . . .
7 days ago