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DIY & Crafts Home Renov. (House Beautiful)
DIY & Crafts Home Renov. (House Beautiful)
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The best vloggig rig - its quite unorthodox
I've only recently gotten into vlogging with my new YouTube channel, and I'm far more used to being in front of someone else's camera for videos so this is a new world for me. I've played around and done a lot of research to figure out the ideal vlogging rig, and I think I've managed . .
2 days ago

Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl given sanctuary in Italy following Taliban takeover
The green-eyed 'Afghan Girl' made world-famous by Steve McCurry's 1985 National Geographic magazine cover has arrived in Italy after the Italian Prime Minister answered her call for help in leaving Afghanistan following the takeover of the Taliban in August. Sharbat Gula was a 12-year-old refugee . . .
3 days ago

NASA's Curiosity rover shares postcard from the red planet
NASA's Mars based Curiosity rover has shared new lanscape images of the terrain on Mars. The rover recently travelled to Mount Sharp, the central peak of the Gale Crater. Greetings from high up on Mars' Mount Sharp! My team combined two black-and-white images from different times of the day and . . .
3 days ago