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Below are a few samples from the source, Oddly Enough News (Reuters).
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Oddly Enough News (Reuters) 3 items
Climbing: Polish climber Dzienski pips lift in man vs. machine race
It may not match the feeling of winning a world championship but Polish climber Marcin Dzienski's feat of racing and defeating an elevator up 23 meters will certainly have given him a lift.
815 days ago

Just not cricket: Australian charged $68,000 for a beer in Britain
An Australian cricket journalist in Britain for the Ashes test series is claiming to have drunk "the most expensive beer in history" after being charged nearly A$100,000 ($68,120) for the tipple.
815 days ago

UK PM Johnson to the rescue: girlfriend adopts a rescue puppy
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, revealed on Monday that they had adopted a rescued Jack Russell puppy.
819 days ago