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UK The Observer Africa (NYT)
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A new Covid-19 variant with high number of mutations sparks travel bans and worries scientists
The discovery of a new and potentially more transmissible coronavirus variant by South African health authorities has sparked a forceful reaction across the world with a number of countries banning travelers from several southern African countries.
2 days ago

Egypt celebrates reopening 3,400-year-old Avenue of the Sphinxes
Egypt celebrated the reopening of the ancient Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor on Thursday night, a 2.7-kilometer (1.7-mile) road that connects two temple complexes in the area, the Temple of Luxor with the Temple of Karnak.
3 days ago

Eight dead and 13 children injured as bomb explodes near school in Somalia
At least eight civilians were killed and 17 others injured, including 13 school children, after a suicide car bomb exploded in Somalia's capital Mogadishu Thursday morning, according to state media.
4 days ago