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Home Renov. (House Beautiful) Musing about Mud (ceramics)
Home Renov. (House Beautiful) Musing about Mud (ceramics)
Below are a few samples from the source, Model Airplane News.
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Giant Scratch-Built Concorde
Only 1/6-scale, this 33-foot-long jet was built and flown by Otto Widlroither. The 13-foot-span model is powered by four JetCat P300 Pro turbines fed by a four, 1.6-gallon fuel tanks and weighs in at 328.
12 days ago

How To Clean & Rebuild a Gas Carburetor
One of the great features that make giant-scale airplanes so popular is the bulletproof, user-friendly nature of the Walbro carburetors that most gas engines are equipped with. Once a gas engine is properly adjusted, its carburetor won't usually need to be tweaked again for most of, if not all of . . .
19 days ago

Rhinebeck North WW I Jamboree
Every September, on the weekend after Labor Day, the Mid-Hudson Radio Control Society plays host to their annual WW I Jamboree at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome near Red Hook and Kingston, New York. For decades this event had drawn contestants from around the country and from north of the border from . . .
19 days ago