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Turf Magazine Life With Dogs
Turf Magazine Life With Dogs
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Toddler Who Used To Have 100 Seizures Daily Desperately Needs Service Dog
Service dogs are crucial to many peoples lives, but sadly, not all families can afford them. A family from Southgate, Michigan is facing this problem after their daughter was born with a rare form of epilepsy.
3 days ago

Entitled Parent Grabs Guide Dog Claiming Handler Isn't Really Blind
Its hard to resist petting cute dogs, but of course, you should always ask permission before touching a strangers dog. And if that dog is a service dog, you will not be able to pet them even if you ask.
3 days ago

Woman Who 'Married' Her Dog Says We Were Meant To Be
Its easy to say youre not really alone when you do have a dog. One woman took that sentiment a huge step further when she decided to propose marriage to her dog, Sheba.
5 days ago