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Go Backpacking Velo News (racing)
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Saying No to The Demons and Yes to Self-Respect: How to Work With Our Inner Critic
By Josie Nickum There I was, untying my knot at the bottom of my first project on gear. Partly, I was wrestling with the knot after so many whips. Mostly, I was wrestling with overwhelming anger and a familiar inner critic.
241 days ago

Rock-Life Balance: The Climbing Wheel of Life
By Remy Franklin Do you ever feel like rock climbing is taking over your life? Or that there isn't enough time to fit climbing in between work and your other commitments? Have you ever thought I could never date someone who doesn't climb or catered your job search to allow for easier access to . . .
257 days ago

Alex Stiger: 5 Tips to Increase Motivation
Do you find motivation to be a fleeting feeling that you are constantly chasing after? Do you see high end athletes trying hard and think, If only I was that motivated? Motivation is an aspect of sport that I feel is often misunderstood. The definition of the word is The reason or reasons one [..
290 days ago