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Audio Clips (Cato) Business (WSJ)
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Biden Enacts Africa Travel Ban Despite Calling Bans Racist, Xenophobic in 2020
President Joe Biden announced a travel ban on African countries on Friday in response to news of the newly named "Omicron" variant of the coronavirus.
9 hrs ago

Atlanta Fed Bank President: Business Leaders Tell Me Supply Chain Issues Will Last Until 'Middle of 2022,' Possibly Into 3rd, 4th Quarter
On Fridays broadcast of the Fox News Channels Your World, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic stated that business leaders he talks to think the supply chain issues will be resolved in the middle of 2022, maybe into
10 hrs ago

Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes
The Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) in Texas is using its own armed agents to arrest parents who speak out against the school board's policies, according to Christopher Rufo in the City Journal.
13 hrs ago