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Astronomy Magazine Breaking News (NASA)
Astronomy Magazine Breaking News (NASA)
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Curiosity Mars rover beams back 'artistic' postcard view of Gale Crater
Pausing on the slopes of Mount Sharp, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover set back two black-and-white panoramas that were colourised to provide an "artistic" view looking back along its recent path with the rim of Gale Crater rising in the distance.
3 days ago

NASA resumes James Webb launch preps after incident review
Engineers find no damage to James Webb Space Telescope after ground-processing incident that jostled the $10 billion observatory.
3 days ago

NASA spacecraft blasts off on experimental mission to divert asteroid
A small NASA space probe blasted off from California early Wednesday aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on a first-of-its-kind mission to change the orbit of an asteroid, pioneering a technique that may one day be used to divert an asteroid off of a collision course with Earth.
5 days ago