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Business Ideas (NYT) Mixergy (startups)
Business Ideas (NYT) Mixergy (startups)
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Create catalogs with WhatsApp Business and sell more this Christmas
The function that allows you to share your products and services on WhatsApp without having to send them one by one separately is now available. With Catalogs you can highlight images, prices and descriptions so that your clients know them. Take advantage of it this season.
11 hrs ago

How Success Happened for the Caden Sisters, CEOs and Co-Founders of Belly Bandit and Proof
The sisters credit their parents for instilling in them the importance of family, work and goal-setting.
11 hrs ago

Strenna 2021: What YES and what NOT to do with your money
How many times have you said: 'on Monday I start the diet' or 'this year I do save', 'now I pay all my debts'? But that Monday never comes ...
17 hrs ago