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Gadgets To Use Money Talks News
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You Can Get an NFT With Your Ticket to See the New Spider-Man Because of Course That's a Thing
AMC is going all-in on the blockchain. Earlier this month, the movie theater chain announced it would begin accepting payments in cryptocurrency, and now it's giving out NFTs as ticket pre-orders freebies for the new Spider-Man movie. Read more.
10 hrs ago

Canada's Maple Syrup Cartel Will Release 50% of Its Sugary Reserves Amid Shortfall
Canada's government-sanctioned maple syrup cartel has a message for the world: Never fear, there will be syrup. Read more..
11 hrs ago

Elon Musk Tells Tesla Employees Not to 'Sprint Like Crazy' to Deliver Cars and Focus on Reducing Costs
Tesla CEO Elon Musk told all employees in an email not to sprint like crazy to deliver cars, pointing out that although the company expends great effort, rushing and spending loads of money actually does not deliver more cars. Read more..
13 hrs ago