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Engadget News Gizmodo
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How to Create and Use Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp introduced stickers feature in its app back in 2018. Now, the feature has made its way to the desktop version of the messenger, i.e.
20 hrs ago

3 Ways to Change Navigation Voice in Google Maps
Google Maps is one of the most trusted, accurate, and reliable navigation platforms that is used by millions of people. It even offers navigation in different languages to help people to understand and reach their destination safely. In this article, you will learn 3 ways to change navigation voic . . .
21 hrs ago

Ethereum Blockchain Explained: How It Works, Its Features, Uses and More
Ethereum is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency as of now behind Bitcoin. But its actually Ether (ETH) what is mistakenly referred to as Ethereum. Ether is a 2nd generation cryptocurrency based on the same fundamental blockchain system and it is used for trading, exchanging, purchasing, and paying to . . .
2 days ago