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Entrepreneur Magazine The Economy (NYT)
Entrepreneur Magazine The Economy (NYT)
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Mixergy (startups) 3 items
#2159 How Tom Cruz Makes $300,000/m In Section 8 Rent
If you were on my site in 2015 and tried to leave it, a pop up that Tom Cruz created would have sprung up to convince you to join my email list and buy a membership. It worked beautifully, so why did Tom ditch that business for real estate? And can we see his numbers from that business? . Tom Cru . . .
7 days ago

#2158 Succeeding where others have failed
Todays guest was trying to solve a problem that so many companies have gone after but failed. I want to find out what he did to make it work with his company, Horatio. Jose Herrera is the founder of Horatio, a customer service outsourcing company.
10 days ago

#2157 Creating a product line
Todays guest found a set of customers who had a really specific problem. So he created a company to solve it for them. The idea was so good that it was funded by Andreessen Horowitz.
12 days ago