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Below are a few samples from the source, Linux Journal .
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What Version of RHEL am I Using?
by Suparna Ganguly RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the many operating systems provided by Red Hat. Red Hat is a popular Linux OS and has started functioning ever since the mid-1990s. Red Hat earned a good reputation due to being stable, regularly updated, and reliable.
19 days ago

Parallel shells with xargs: Utilize all your cpu cores on UNIX and Windows
by Charles Fisher Introduction One particular frustration with the UNIX shell is the inability to easily schedule multiple, concurrent tasks that fully utilize CPU cores presented on modern systems. The example of focus in this article is file compression, but the problem rises . . .
286 days ago

Bypassing Deep Packet Inspection: Tunneling Traffic Over TLS VPN
by Dmitriy Kuptsov . In some countries, network operators employ deep packet inspection techniques to block certain types of traffic. For example, Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic can be analyzed and blocked to prevent users from sending encrypted packets over such networks.
291 days ago