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World News (Reuters) World News (The Guard)
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Prince Charles to reaffirm 'trusted partnership' with Barbados as nation prepares to cut ties with Queen
The Prince of Wales will reaffirm the "myriad connections between the people of our countries" at a ceremony to remove the Queen as Barbados' head of state and transition to a republic.
9 hrs ago

Nuclear arms race in Middle East potentially at stake as talks resume on reviving Iran deal
What could be the last chance of preventing Iran going nuclear gets under way this week. Nuclear talks resume. Potentially at stake is a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, or regional escalation and conflict.
14 hrs ago

Dutch officials find 13 Omicron variant cases among passengers arriving from South Africa
Authorities in the Netherlands have detected 13 cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant among passengers arriving from South Africa.
22 hrs ago