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Educational Policy Inside Higher Ed - Blogs
Educational Policy Inside Higher Ed - Blogs
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Should grad schools invest in Ph.D.s seeking jobs beyond academe? (opinion)
Is it wise, Christopher Caterine asks, for universities to spend so much time and money to help people who've trained for one career to step into another?
5 days ago

Advice for how to make courageous decisions in academe (opinion)
In challenging times, how can you best move forward and not become frozen by the difficult choices, severe doubt or analysis paralysis? Patrick Sanaghan shares five key lessons.
6 days ago

Writing a diversity statement: for international students (opinion)
Of all the academic job search documents, it's often the most problematic for such students to conceptualize, write and discuss orally, writes Olga Koutseridi, who provides four pieces of advice.
7 days ago