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The Economist AERA - Recent Articles
The Economist AERA - Recent Articles
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Human Rights Violations Through Structural Violence: A Case Study of Human Rights Education in New York City
American Educational Research Journal, Ahead of Print. A major area of critical scholarship within human rights education (HRE) aims to discover HRE's revolutionary potential by questioning its relationship to the global human rights regime. However, the very concept of human rights violations . . .
4 days ago

English Learner Labeling: How English Learner Classification in Kindergarten Shapes Teacher Perceptions of Student Skills and the Moderating Role of Bilingual Instructional Settings
American Educational Research Journal, Ahead of Print. Prior research has shown that English learner (EL) classification is consequential for students; however, less is known about how EL classification affects student outcomes. In this study, we examine one hypothesized mechanism: teacher . . .
258 days ago

The Role of College-Bound Friends in College Enrollment Decisions by Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
American Educational Research Journal, Ahead of Print. This study examines the association between college-bound friends and college enrollment using restricted transcript data from the High School Longitudinal Study. Propensity score matching and school fixed effects models suggest that having . . .
270 days ago