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Education Researcher Inside Higher Ed - Advice
Education Researcher Inside Higher Ed - Advice
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Puerto Rican Student Activism and Enacting Consciousness in Chicago: Learned Lessons and Implications for Practice
Educational Policy, Ahead of Print. This research study focuses on how the racialized experiences of second-generation Puerto Rican student activists in Chicago during the social movement era increased their political identity to demand structural changes in secondary and college contexts. Drawing . . .
11 days ago

The Perceptions and Experiences of Faculty Implementing Florida's Developmental Education Reform
Educational Policy, Ahead of Print. Florida Senate Bill 1720 drastically changed developmental education, beginning in fall 2014. This paper considers affected faculty members' perceptions and experiences with the passage and implementation of reform, according to focus group data provided by 294 . . .
11 days ago

School's a Lie: Toward Critical Race Intersectional Pedagogy for Youth Intellectual Activism in Policy Partnerships
Educational Policy, Ahead of Print. Equity-oriented school improvement driven by neoliberal policies focuses attention on a narrow range of inequities. Such policies fail to achieve substantive transformations that address educational constraints experienced by multiply-marginalized youth of color.
13 days ago