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Congress (WashExam) Daily Podcast (Cato)
Crisis Magazine
Congress (WashExam) Daily Podcast (Cato)
crisis magazine
Below are a few samples from the source, Crisis Magazine.
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The Victim Who Vanished
A short time ago, in the Maryland countryside, a priest the humble folk say bears a resemblance to Maximilian Kolbe turned on the ignition of his old silver pick-up and eased out of the parking lot of his St. Michael's parish. He shifted into second gear and passed by a group of swollen-eyed . . .
1 day ago

Warning: This Book is Dangerous
I pushed Michael Warren Davis' new book, The Reactionary Mind (Regnery Publishing), on a friend of mine, a noted Catholic and academic leader. I told him a good part of the book was a defense of feudalism. I thought he'd like that.
1 day ago

Give Thanks
[Editor's Note: Today is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. While not an explicitly Catholic holiday, this day reminds us of the need to always express our gratitude to the Lord. The passage below is from Divine Intimacy by Father Gabriel of St.
2 days ago