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Systemic Evil and the Justice of Advent
We live in a world of systemic evil. Asian and Latin American drug cartels produce and transport their merchandise with impunity because they have bought off or killed the public officials who would stop them and the journalists who would expose them. On the other side of the world, corner dealers . . .
1 day ago

The History of National Flags in Churches
This summer, Christianity Today ran an article about Protestant pastors' views on displaying national flags in sanctuaries and on church property. Many American evangelicals, especially white-collar evangelicals, increasingly view flags in churches as garish and idolatrous, signs of the benighte . . .
3 days ago

On Being Thankful for America at Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving, no one living in the United States should be anything but profoundly grateful for the privilege of living in this country. No one. Continue Reading
4 days ago