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World News (Washington Post) Alabama Reporter
World News (Washington Post) Alabama Reporter
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Honduran Election Sparks Worries of Unrest
A tense presidential election is pitting a ruling party dogged by corruption allegations against the wife of a controversial former president, with U.S. officials fearing possible violence could prompt further migration.
22 hrs ago

Iran's Nuclear Advances Weigh on Renewed Talks
Negotiators are convening in Vienna this week with the aim of reviving the 2015 international nuclear agreement, a top foreign-policy goal of the Biden administration.
1 day ago

Taliban Covert Operatives Seized Kabul, Other Afghan Cities From Within
Undercover agentsoften clean-shaven, dressed in jeans and sporting sunglassesspent years infiltrating Afghan government ministries, universities, businesses and aid organizations.
1 day ago