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Daily Podcast (Cato) Editorial (WashTimes)
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A worker revolution? Seismic shift in the labor market remakes the employer-employee relationship
The labor shortage can be seen everywhere. Its forcing restaurants to close, schools to cancel classes, upending airline flight schedules and fueling the supply chain breakdown with absent truck drivers. A scarcity of workers in the U.
2 days ago

Joe Biden dogged by decision to kill Keystone XL pipeline as gas prices soar
President Bidens decision to nix the Keystone XL pipeline has come under renewed fire as the administration struggles with rising consumer frustration over skyrocketing gas prices. Sen. Joe Manchin III, West Virginia Democrat, made another plea for Mr.
2 days ago

California smash-and-grabs blamed on decriminalization of theft
The organized criminal ransacking of stores in California, a state where Democratic lawmakers have dramatically reduced penalties for shoplifting, is part of a nationwide epidemic that retailers say is adding to costs. Just days after high-end stores in the San Francisco Bay Area were targeted, . . .
3 days ago