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Editor Picks (WashTimes) Event Podcast (Cato)
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EDITORIAL: Family tops the Thanksgiving feast
Americans cherish their celebration of Thanksgiving as an annual reminder of their origin. Without meaning to downplay the fun of backyard football or the treat that is the banquet itself, the soul of the occasion is the gathering of family members too often absent from the table and from the ..
2 days ago

EDITORIAL: It's never been so costly to celebrate Thanksgiving
On Thursday, Americans will gather with their family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks to President Joe Biden, it will be one of the most expensive meals in the history of the holiday. The cost of Thanksgiving dinner is 14% higher this year, according to the Farm Bureaus annual . . .
4 days ago

EDITORIAL: The race card fails in Rittenhouse trial
To hear MSNBC hosts (especially Joy Reid), the networks talking-head guests and others on the far left tell it, you would think Kenosha, Wis., in 2021 was no better than Neshoba County, Miss., in 1964.
5 days ago