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Commentary Congress (WashExam)
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House Democrats' retributions and acting like an adult in Congress
The recent censure of Rep. Paul Gosar brought to mind a related moment from November 2016, although the thread that links the two is not immediately apparent. Two weeks ago, the House censured the Arizona Republican and stripped him of his committee assignments because he published a cartoon in a .
13 hrs ago

Time to end trial by media
Our Constitutional crises in America are many and garner great debate. Theres the explosion of executive power in the federal government, the abandonment of states rights, the erosion of religious liberties and assaults on second amendment rights, among others. Perhaps no other, however, is more . . .
13 hrs ago

Don't let the supply chain Grinch get you down
Americans looking to fill their holiday season with meaningful gifts may instead find themselves left with a bag of leftover Halloween candy as supply chain challenges continue to wreak havoc on the retail industry. Some popular presents are in short supply, while shipping delays are widespread an . . .
2 days ago