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Commonweal - Politics In These Times
Fact Checker (WashPost)
Commonweal - Politics In These Times
fact checker (washpost)
Below are a few samples from the source, Fact Checker (WashPost).
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Sen. Stabenow's claim that the U.S. does not try to limit Japanese vehicle sales
Meet the "chicken tax" -- a steep tariff from the 1960s that has profited the U.S. auto industry and thwarted foreign manufacturers
8 days ago

A bridge too far: Jeffries doubles the number of 'structurally deficient' bridges
Jeffries also suggested that 100,000 bridges may be close to collapse a number that's way too high.
9 days ago

The Steele dossier: A guide to the latest allegations
Confused by the latest twists and turns regarding a document that captivated the nation? Here is a comprehensive overview and a look at the key players.
10 days ago