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North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor Said Straight People Are 'Superior' To Gay People
Business Insider reports that Mark Robinson, lieutenant governor of North Carolina, said straight people are superior to gay people as he gave a sermon at a church. Read the full story at Business Insider
3 days ago

Amy Schneider, A Transgender Woman, Wraps Trans Awareness Week With A 'Jeopardy!' Win
USA Today reports that Jeopardy contestant Amy Schneider headed into Mondays episode with a winning streak, joining the few openly trans winners on the show, and is thanking the trans competitors who came before her. Read the full story at USA Today
3 days ago

Two Businesses Allege Discrimination Against Gay Community In COVID Rules Enforcement
Hawaii News Now reports that two establishments are suing the Honolulu Liquor Commission and state inspectors, accusing them of discrimination against businesses that serve the gay community. Read the full story at Hawaii News Now
3 days ago