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Do uncircumcised penises get as hard as circumcised?
Do uncircumcised penises get as hard as circumcised ones? Here is an article which can provide you with an answer!
3 days ago

A Closer Look at Dildo Materials - How to Know Your Toy is Body-Safe
While there's no denying how pleasurable sex toys can be - for couples and individuals - little regulation is in place, leading to unfortunate safety risks. It's just as important to know what you're inserting into your orifices as it is what you're eating and what you're putting on your skin (i.e.
5 days ago

Conversations with F*ck Buddies: On Online Dating, Relationship, and More
Question(Q): Okay, I have a classic 'I don't know what we are' situation with a girl. I don't know if we are friends or maybe dating. It is stressing me out.
10 days ago