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Advances in Agronomy (SciDaily) Ag News (Brownfield)
ag & natural resources (ucal)
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Pectin is not gelatin
If you only have time to read this much: pectin is vegan-friendly. I was having lunch at an outdoor venue with a lovely vegetarian friend. When we got around to all things canning, I told her how excited I was to try a sugar-free jam recipe using a particular pectin.
4 hrs ago

Californians will pay more for pork under Prop. 12
The Prop. 12 pork panic is overblown, say UC agricultural economists, but so are the new law's benefits to hogs California's Proposition 12 will soon require farms to add space for certain farm animals, including breeding pigs, or mother sows. As the January 2022 date for full implementation of . . .
2 days ago

UC Master Food Preservers turn food scraps into gifts Dec. 1
Free online class offers recipes for using food scraps, answers questions about food preservation “Putting food in our bellies instead of landfills is good for the planet,” said Sue Mosbacher, University of California Master Food Preserver Program coordinator. In landfills, decaying . . .
3 days ago