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Vets We Take Care of Our Own Your Marine Corps
Vets We Take Care of Our Own Your Marine Corps
Below are a few samples from the source, War on the Rocks.
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George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation
Editor's note: An article featuring Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation has been a War on the Rocks tradition for several years now. This year, another American Founder joins the lineup: Here is George Washington's proclamation, issued 74 years (to the day) before Lincoln's. Congressional . . .
3 days ago

An American Holiday Forged in War
Editor's Note: This is our annual Thanksgiving article, originally published in 2013. Happy Thanksgiving from War on the Rocks! Today is all about tradition: turkey and stuffing; family, friends, and football. From early childhood, we all learn the origin story of Thanksgiving that is so . . .
4 days ago

America and the Arctic: A Song of Fire and Ice
Chris, Zack, and Melanie get together to talk about ongoing developments in the Arctic. Climate change is causing flooding and environmental damage, but it is also providing new opportunities for navigation, mining, fishing, tourism, and defense. How can America's national security and economic . . .
5 days ago