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Army Wife Network Defence Blog
Army Wife Network Defence Blog
Below are a few samples from the source, Concerned Vets for America.
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Veterans are united on this: there must be accountability for Afghanistan
The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act won't be voted on in the Senate until after Thanksgiving, but we're still keeping an eye on a huge move toward accountability for the war in Afghanistan. A bill introduced by Sen. Tammy Duckworth to create a commission to study the full 20 years of war . . .
6 days ago

This Veterans Day, vets who've been mistreated demand accountability at the VA
We have to fight for a better way. That is what veterans are saying about their health care this Veterans Day. In a new video, veterans are calling out the Department of Veterans Affairs for failing to put veterans' needs first.
18 days ago

Five ways to care for America's veterans, on Veterans Day and every day
Our grassroots army at Concerned Veterans for America is dedicated to advocating for those who served this country in uniform. But are we as a country truly honoring the service and sacrifice of those who served in uniform? A look into how the Department of Veterans Affairs is managing veterans' . . .
21 days ago