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Naval Today NYTimes - US Army
Naval Today NYTimes - US Army
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How to Navigate Career Transition as a Military Spouse
By Anna Larson, Retired + Retiring Military Spouse Ambassador at SpouseLink Military spouses dream of the day when their active-duty status will come to an end. But, when your spouse decides to transition from active duty to retirement, this new and unchartered territory can quickly become . . .
13 days ago

Supply Chain 101 For MilSpouse Entrepreneurs
If youre a military spouse business-owner, work in retail, or even just a shopper, you may have noticed things look a littledifferent. Face it, if 2021 were a drinking game, and the magic word was shortage, youd probably need to Uber home. The reason for this is often given in two short words . . .
18 days ago

MilSpouses Who Work It: The Dynamic Duo Behind List & File and Manifesto Home + Office
In military life, it can be difficult for families to stay organized when they move frequently and experience frequent disruptions to their routines. Describing themselves as some of the most organized military spouses youll ever meet, Lauren Weldon May and Elizabeth Liz Uibel Cook saw the . . .
262 days ago