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MobiHealthNews Science News (EurekAlert!)
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Complex RNA structures could have untapped therapeutic potential in the fight against COVID-19
To the untrained eye, the loops, kinks and folds in the single strand of RNA that makes up the coronavirus genome look like a jumble of spaghetti or tangled yarn. But to researchers like Amanda Hargrove, a chemistry professor at Duke University, the complex shapes that RNA takes on as it folds upo . . .
9 hrs ago

Study reveals brain mechanism that may contribute to the perception of low-contrast familiar objects
The appearance of objects can often change. For example, in dim evenings or fog, the contrast of the objects decreases, making it difficult to distinguish them.
10 hrs ago

Genetic ancestry can explain population-level differences in immune response to the flu virus
A new study aimed at explaining differential susceptibility to viral epidemics reveals that ancestry and associated genetic variation can explain population-level differences in the immune response to the flu virus and perhaps also to COVID-19.
10 hrs ago