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Healthcare IT JAMA Cardiology
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Error in Box
The Review titled Pancreatic Cancer: A Review, published in the September 7, 2021, issue of JAMA, included an error in the Box that indicated that polyunsaturated fats, rather than saturated fats, were a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. The Box has been corrected and indicates that saturated . . .
4 days ago

Incorrect Laboratory Value and Reference
The Diagnostic Test Interpretation titled Urinary Magnesium in the Evaluation of Hypomagnesemia, published in the December 8, 2020, issue of JAMA, has been updated. In the Table, the serum albumin level has been corrected to 4.2 g/dL, and reference 4 has been corrected.
4 days ago

Back Pain, Fever, and Cough in a 46-Year-Old Man
A 46-year-old man with a history of travel to India had 3 months of upper back pain and 2 weeks of dry cough and subjective fevers that did not improve with empirical azithromycin. Chest CT showed a dense consolidation in the left lower lobe; MRI showed a paraspinal mass with extensive contrast . . .
4 days ago