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Differential Diagnosis for Electrocardiography Challenge
To the Editor This letter is in reference to the Challenge in Clinical Electrocardiography by Choxi et al describing an irregular narrow complex tachycardia. The article described an interesting and unusual case of occurrence of dual atrioventricular nodal nonreentrant tachycardia and the need to . . .
271 days ago

Political Party Affiliation and Physical Distancing Among Young Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic
This cross-sectional study estimates the association of political party affiliation with physical distancing behaviors among young adults during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.
271 days ago

Are Methods for Evaluating Medications Appropriate for Evaluating Nonpharmacological Treatments for Pain?Challenges for an Emerging Field of Research
Interest in identifying safe and effective nonpharmacological treatments for chronic or recurrent pain conditions has rapidly grown in recent years, largely because of growing concerns about the adverse effects and questionable effectiveness of opioids and other pharmacological treatments. In this . . .
271 days ago